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France, 2009

France, 2009

I am a Software Engineer. I was born in 1988, Den Helder, The Netherlands. I was raised in Velserbroek where I spent most of my primary school time. At age 10 I moved to Harderwijk, where I finished primary and middle school (VWO level) after which I started my studies at Utrecht University. I graduated as Bachelor of Science in 2013, and started working as software developer at Eljakim IT bv.

In this period of time I developed an interest for computers and software and started making websites. Initially for fun but as I developed my skills I did some rather serious projects. I stopped using Windows as an operating system in 2012, <3 software development and the usual home, kitchen and gardening IT (this joke only works in Dutch). I am very proficient in php and using git.

At age 20 I moved to Utrecht. In 2010 I met Sanne, who is the love of my life. We got married September 2012 and have 2 kids.

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