Milk free diet

Since I’m participating in this study about estrogen in cowmilk (I’m subject R, mwuhahah), I am not allowed to eat or drink any milk products, soja or beer! It is really hard to find a normal breakfast or lunch meal that doesn’t contain any of those. I am so happy I’m not lactose intolerant or something like that. Looking at every label in the supermarket to check for any ingredients I might not be allowed to eat! For me this is just for one week, but some people have to deal with this stuff every day. I’m really happy about the Albert Heijn products though. They have put a milk free tag on all the products that are milk free. Very handy in my case.

Also you might have noticed that my blog died a bit. I guess my life got a little more boring 😉 I’m doing fine by the way, studying hard sometimes, but mostly enjoying the joys we encounter every day. I guess this is it for today, now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my precious weekend.

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