Lazy Saturday

Today, as a first since some time I had a lazy Saturday. Sleeping in till 2 PM, hanging on the couch, catching up some series I follow. The great feeling of having nothing to do other then relax. Turn up the Goo Goo Dolls and write some blog about the joy the Sabbath means for a lazy Western student in the Netherlands. It sounds a bit like I have no life at all, but I actually did achieve some stuff today! For example, I even did some clicking and browsing the internets for my project of the university.

And, I managed to install Google Android on my Touch Diamond. It runs kind of buggy though. But the big advantage of running a dual boot is that you can always switch back to Windows Mobile. I’m really excited about this platform, because it’s very popular right now, which means that a lot of mobile applications are developed for this platform.

I guess it’s good we have those 2 free days in the week, because otherwise I would just go crazy of having to work all the time. There are cultures where it isn’t strange to work 10 hours per day, the whole week, but isn’t that just suicide? Or am I just too indifferent about work?

I have to say I’m kind of lucky I live here, in the Netherlands, where we are obliged to have free days, then again my next holiday isn’t until July, which means I’ll just hold on to those free Saturdays I’ve got until it’s summer. By the way: anyone noticed how cold it is? Spring is too far away! 🙁

2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. 🙂 you lazy boy. Didnot you know what the father of your grandpa all of his life has worked from 0500 a.m until 18.00 in the evening. And that was quite a job building boats! Oh! time is changed such a lot! Now the phishing things have other jobs to offer 😉

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