Lazy Saturday

Today, as a first since some time I had a lazy Saturday. Sleeping in till 2 PM, hanging on the couch, catching up some series I follow. The great feeling of having nothing to do other then relax. Turn up the Goo Goo Dolls and write some blog about the joy the Sabbath means for a lazy Western student in the Netherlands. It sounds a bit like I have no life at all, but I actually did achieve some stuff today! For example, I even did some clicking and browsing the internets for my project of the university.

And, I managed to install Google Android on my Touch Diamond. It runs kind of buggy though. But the big advantage of running a dual boot is that you can always switch back to Windows Mobile. I’m really excited about this platform, because it’s very popular right now, which means that a lot of mobile applications are developed for this platform.
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